Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dealing with the original instructions - Part 2

Multiply – means to increase, enlarge, intensify or manifold; as an adverb it means: in several or many ways.  Anyway you look at it, you’re suppose to increase and since God did not specifically point out 1 or even 2 areas in which He wanted this to occur I’m left to believe that He desires increase in all we do:

In His word
In His image- living a god life so that others may see as desire to serve and be like Him
In our gifts
In prosperity-understanding the purpose of all we posse
In knowledge
In love
In all we do for Him and the list can go on for days

As with fruitful this word multiply was also thought of as having many babies; to procreate only in the way of humanity; however, because God is God and I know Him to be a God of many aspects (healer, sustainer, protector, provider; God of love, peace and joy but more importantly a Father); He made us in His image, with the ability grow in many aspects. 

In verse 27th of Genesis 1, you’ll notice that after He created man, the first instructions He gave was be fruitful, multiply and replenish.  And although I don’t believe He just wanted mankind to increase in number, I do believe in the mist of mankind increasing He wanted us to increase the created image we were made in, which is the image of Him-which requires us to maintain a godly image. However, outside of that He desired for mankind to increase in the creation of this world or the creativeness of this world; He wanted mankind to multiply in their ability to be creative beings and although as you look around the world it seems that we’ve done just that.  We’ve been creative in the way of building and a vast of creative methods, inspiring, motivating, encouraging and innovation. From the fabulous structures you see and visit daily, to literature, music, spoken word, film and dance.  All sorts to creative outlets and yet we lack in our ability to multiply in one of the greatest areas most dear to God’s heart; “love”. 

The very idea that He would desire for us to multiply here in the earth significies that there had to be love in the mist because without it, we would do just as we are doing now which is to destroy each other.  This destruction is done through many ways, in our actions, words, our betrayal of each other, the lack of support we show each other and so on.  However, when love is in the mist it conquers, it units, it heals, it revives, it supports, it blesses and it creates an atmosphere of peace and atmosphere suitable for His presence.  God is love; I believe it was out of love He created us, He sent His Son to die for us and it’s the reason He continues to be there for us and forgive us.  It’s clear that God desires for mankind to multiply in the areas of life He has assigned for each individual but more than this He desires for us to multiply in our ability to be like Him and through our knowledge of Him.  The more you know about Him the more you increase.

All throughout the scriptures it is clearly shown that we should be multiplying, increasing or adding to; in some area of our lives:
2 Peter 1
John 14:26
John 10:10
2 Peter 3:18
John 15

As you read these scriptures and many others throughout the word of God you will notice that God desires for His people to increase, to expand and to live in the abundance of all He has purposed for us.  I pray, that from this day forward you would make a decision to heed to His voice so you can live in the increased blessings and love He has awaiting you and desires to manifest through you.

Grace & peace


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